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To enable full softphone download shoretel handling functionality with a shoretsl Plantronics headset, users may need to do the following:. See Figure 2 below. This license may be installed on only one computer, but the softphone can be used by any number of users on softphone download shoretel computer. If you did not or were not able to choose the Save option described above, navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your softphone download shoretel where downloaded files are normally savedand open the Shoretel Sky Softphone2. Place a Call – Softphonw the number in the call display using the softphone keypad of the computer keyboard End a Call – Click the End Call на этой странице key Service Buttons Service buttons function similarly to the service buttons on other phones softohone on the ShoreTel Sky system.❿


Softphone download shoretel.ShoreTel Sky Softphone


See Figure 5 below. See Figure 6 below. Select the ShoreTel Sky server associated with your account. Note: Your ShoreTel Sky server is the voice instance assigned to your account. See the Account Facts section of our Account Details article for more information. Click the “Ok” button. Click the “Accept” button. To log out, close the ShoreTel Sky Softphone. You can also log out by selecting the Services button and selecting the “Log Out” option.

Enter your company name in the “Company” field. Enter your email address in the “Email” field. Enter your registration key in the “Serial Number” field. See our Call Management article for more information on basic call handling in the ShoreTel Sky phone system. Service buttons function similarly to the service buttons on other phones supported on the ShoreTel Sky system.

Depending on the “skin” selected for your softphone, your directories buttons may look different from a physical desk phone, but the functionality remains the same. With these headsets, users can answer a call, place a call on hold, resume a call, answer a call on a second line, toggle between calls, mute a call, and hang up a call.

Note that a headset will not take a line off hook. To enable full call handling functionality with a supported Plantronics headset, users may need to do the following:.

The ShoreTel Sky Softphone application may require additional configuration of the Windows audio settings. The following explains how your computer’s operating system specifies a list of valid audio devices. When your computer is booted started , it generates an audio list which details the following:. If adjustments are made to this audio list, the computer needs to be rebooted so the list can be re-populated with the changed settings.

After rebooting, perform the following steps:. But a great free one is x-lite from counterpath Opens a new window. An ever better one is Bria from counterpath Opens a new window. Thanks George, actually that’s my purpose using my PC to make and take calls from my landline. ShoreTel does not have one they have the one for internet phone which I don’t need. Any further advice? Many thanks. If this is the case then you can just setup a new extension in your PBX and use the xlite phone to connect to that extension.

Once that is done you will be able to make and take calls just like a voip handset. You will probably need a head set microphone since you don’t want a lot of background noise to interfere with your calls. Many thanks Getzd, I will try to download the new communicator software, maybe the one we have is old. Not even a little close. First, this app doesn’t work.

I cannot get a call to come through at all. Second, texting requires a second app? There are no notification settings to choose a ringtone, even if it did actually ring.